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Apr 2017
Apr 18 2017 09:15
@juliaweist Ok, I found that in the file pageHeader.php (in theme/default/views/pageHeader.php) was missed some lines of code which load css, so I added them from old (1.63) version of file and It works fine.
Apr 18 2017 09:40
Hi, Regarding the in-viewer PDF Search I have noted from previous posts that in Preferences/ Media the "use browser document viewer with fall back etc' option does not appear to work and that the NYT Document Viewer is the only one likely to be detected. I have tried Firefox and Chromium and neither worked. Is this still a problem? If not have I got something wrong somewhere, if yes where in CA is the code that tries to detect the browsers viewer? I would like to play around with it even if it may only provide a solution to my specific installation - or am I chasing fairies!!!!!!!
juan jullian
Apr 18 2017 13:10
Hi, i installed C/A on my asustor NAS, and i finally managed to install al the required binaries (Ghostscript, ffmpeg, imagemagick, etc). the system says that is using Imagick PHP extension, but it can't import (or transcode) tif files. now i'm figuring out how to install Gmagick php extension (since the asustor's php installation doesn't include phpize) so after that i'll disable Imagick an libGD to test). Also, JPG import is horribly slow (taking 20mins per item, when the size of each is about 5MB, working on LAN).
Apr 18 2017 14:48
@yosarian6 Glad it's resolved