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Apr 2017
Apr 28 2017 13:32
Can you map "list item code" to a field that actually appears in a list item definition screen? (and verify that a "list item" is actual a concept/facet/guide term/hierarchy name?)
"map" being the plain English meaning not what one does when importing data
Apr 28 2017 16:16
Hi @mrdale1958 I'm not sure I follow the question exactly but the list item code is present in the UI editor screen. It is equivalent to ca_list_items.idno. All list items are by definition of a "type" (it's not a list item if it's not either a concept/facet/guide term etc.) You can verify which type a certain list item is by viewing the list item record's inspector (the info box in the top left of the record). It will say if it's a concept or something else.