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Apr 2017
Apr 29 2017 13:33
Hmmm that just introduced more concepts that I'm not able to map into my understanding of the CA interfaces. I'm not sure what you mean by "UI editor screen" If it is a screen accessed through Manage->Administration->User Interface, what would it be called? Or are you referring to the item editor available through Lists and Vocabularies for the concept in the list? If so then there is no field labeled "List item code" there nor any using the word "code". As far as viewing the records in ca_list_items I have no clue how to do that short of using SQL while your reference to a "record's inspector" would seem to indicate you have another interface in mind. Sorry to be so thick.
Apr 29 2017 19:11
Hi! I have a question regarding displaying dates in pawtucket2. My objects have 2 dates a create date and a transcribed date associated to them. How do I display only the first date? When i use the {{{<ifdef code=""><H6>Date:</H6>^<br/></ifdef>}}} i get both the dates separated by a ; and if I instead use the {{{<ifdef code=""><H6>Date:</H6>^<br/></ifdef>}}} i get the two types separated by a ;. Is there some way to get the first tag of the date and then the first date element for each object?
Apr 29 2017 21:24
My site's data importer has stopped working - it just gets stuck at 0%. I was hoping someone might know why!