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May 2017
Kehan Harman
May 02 2017 02:04
Is it possible to browse entities by related entities (or any table by relationships to that table)?
@murchmurch try something like
<unit relativeTo="">
    <if rule="^dc_dates_types =~ /created/">^</if>
This filters the values in the container and only prints them out if the date type matches created.
Kehan Harman
May 02 2017 02:50
I've added a feature request to providence for self browsing:
May 02 2017 09:11
@kehh Thanx! It works, but i still have an extra ";" character appear (think its the divider between the two dates) How do i remove it from the display?
Kehan Harman
May 02 2017 09:12
@murchmurch add delimiter=" " inside the <unit/> element
May 02 2017 09:16
@kehh Thanx! It works now as expected!!!
Hi all, In pawtucket2 is the only supported map interface GoogleMaps?
May 02 2017 11:52
Can non-admin users use the service API?
Anything I try that is not in group: Admin and Role: Admin can't do anything that needs permissions in the API