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May 2017
May 11 2017 07:33
Hi, Maybe i need to rephrase my query. I am using Providence 1.7.2 and have set up my dashboard to include the (media) display of a random object. Currently the size of this display is quite large and takes up quite a lot of space on the dashboard. . Could some one please advise where I can change the size of the media display. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks
May 11 2017 16:02
Greetings all. Has any one had the issue of being able to export to pdf but not to word or xlsx documents? I keep getting an error that says file not found.
I am using Providence 1.7 and I think I am using 1.7.2 however, the configuration check only says 1.7
Seth Smith
May 11 2017 19:27
We have recently switched to Collective Access from a Wordpress site to host our digital archives at a regional public library. The site has been beta for a few years--but with CA we are excited to finally make this public. We will start tackling a project in the next few weeks that involves a digitizing a local music "zine." My question is-are there options for OCR using Providence? What would be the best way to tackle OCR? Thanks for any info!