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May 2017
May 18 2017 01:26
Is it possible to subtype (likely the wrong word) ind or org? I succeeded in adding new "concepts" underneath them but they are disabled and I can find no way to enable them. I've successfully done this for object types. Are entities special?
May 18 2017 02:46
@TBthegr81 No there is not.
@mrdale1958 Yes you can do this
@yelto That change is in develop, but was done in a different commit (74e031b11b1e9259ddd829c493640ee16d4da01a)
May 18 2017 03:01
@collectiveaccess do i do so? and/or how do I enable the existing items?
May 18 2017 13:40
@mrdale1958 you can add a subtype in the list entity_types. If you're working through the UI the enable drop down should be on the list item record. If it's not you can add it via the List Item UI editor
May 18 2017 14:12
I have added the subtypes but I never get a chance to enable them despite the List Item UI saying it should appear. Interestingly this wasn't behavior I saw a few months ago when I created another set of subtypes.
May 18 2017 14:55
FWIW I have now gone into the entity_types table and enabled all my subtypes. Crude but effective.