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May 2017
May 31 2017 17:21

buen día, Cuando Intento correr CA en web me indica el siguiente error que falta en la sintaxis de la linea?

Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier 'a' in /srv/marcalico/archivo/setup.php on line 202

Warning: include_once(/themes/default/views/system/configuration_error_html.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /srv/marcalico/archivo/setup.php on line 291

Warning: include_once(): Failed opening '/themes/default/views/system/configuration_error_html.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php') in /srv/marcalico/archivo/setup.php on line 291
Fatal error: Configuration files are missing for hostname '

May 31 2017 18:17
@haroldyesidm_twitter Has editado el tema "default"? Qué versión del CollectiveAccess estas utilizando? En general - has abierto el software con éxito y ahora este es un nuevo error, o lo estas instalando por la primera vez?
May 31 2017 18:21
I'm about 2/3 of the way through a massive import and have discovered that the search indexes for entities are likely totally out of sync, Browse works fine but search always returns empty. If I try to rebuild the indexes it gets through ~600 and then pegs the CPU, I gave up and killed it after a couple of hours of seeming no further progress. my objects table seems totally hosed. trying to browse objects gives me a blank page but search just returns an empty set. When I try to rebuild those indexes it gets to 2512 and exits. How can I track what the reindexer is doing? How can I track down why object browse is failing so hard. nothing appears in either $PROVIDENCE/app/log/ or /var/log/httpd (where apache and php_error log files live)
May 31 2017 18:26
I should note that those index rebuilds were attempted using caUtil. I'm now trying through the UI
Same result. It hangs between 500 and 600
May 31 2017 20:31
While I'm waiting for IT to restore a backup of my DB I thought I'd try doing a fresh install. It creates 3 tables and then hangs when it gets to "Installing database table for ca_change_log_snapshots" Again no error messages anywhere. just sitting quietly not doing anything. no appreciable cpu or memory use
May 31 2017 20:44
@naeemmuhammad If it has been running for years then you'd best look at what has changed on the server. That's a very general error message.
@murchmurch Have you made modifications directly to the database? That error implies you have been renaming tables.
May 31 2017 20:45
@mrdale1958 Are you working on a Linux machine? Is this a shared server? If it's a shared machine make sure the server isn't running software that's enforcing resource limits
May 31 2017 21:52
The inability to load up a new instance was that the ca db user needs to have RESOURCES privileges for the DB. Once I got that established the installation went smoothly