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Jun 2017
Jun 03 2017 16:04
@collectiveaccess Thats rioght, i had some coruption in the SQL database that i tracked to that table and i cloned it and renamed the original _old. What i didnt understand at the time was that this table is still in use. So now i have reconfigured the database to youse the correct tabel and everything works fiune. Thanx!
Jun 03 2017 17:07
@kbecker87 Ah ok. To change the sort you'd need to change that code from
jQuery("#browseResultsContainer").load("<?php print caNavUrl($this->request, '', 'Search', 'objects', array('search' => 'entity_id:^ca_entities.entity_id'), array('dontURLEncodeParameters' => true)); ?>", function() {
to this:
jQuery("#browseResultsContainer").load("<?php print caNavUrl($this->request, '', 'Search', 'objects', array('search' => 'entity_id:^ca_entities.entity_id', 'sort' => ''), array('dontURLEncodeParameters' => true)); ?>", function() {
Note the additional "sort" parameter
Jun 03 2017 20:38

Hello. I'm new to CollectiveAccess and was tasked to implement both Providence and CMS for public access. I need one single Providence server to give content to 7 different CMS sites (each has its own look and feel). I was thinking on Pawtucket2 but I got 3 particular requirements that I don't know I can fulfill with Pawtucket2.

1) Having online shop for each site. 2)Giving visitors account access so they can keep Favorite Items among all 7 sites. 3) Following 2) with Facebook Login.
Most of those requriements I think I can fulfill with Wordpress and I'd like to consume Providence galleries with Wordpress but I don't know if Pawtucket2 can help on those 3 requirements

By the way, I'm still on pre-design phase. I just knew aboud CA this very week and I'm reading about it. No installations on servers done yet. For example if I can have 7 different versions of Pawtucket2 on same server but different url and still keep the same session for requirements 1) and 2) that would be great to know.
Jun 03 2017 21:42
@axel20000 Pawtucket doesn't do e-commerce. (There was an e-commerce capability in a previous iteration of Pawtucket but it was abandoned)
@axel20000 If each of the 7 installations is a separate database then it will not be possible to track favorites across sites, at least not with the current code.
@axel20000 We don't support Facebook logins. It could be implemented without too much fuss, but it's not something we do right now, and it's not currently on our radar to implementation.
Jun 03 2017 21:45
Thanks for your answer. Do you think it's possible to have 7 sites on a single database and still have their own domain, and look and feel?
Jun 03 2017 21:47
Yes, it can get a little tricky depending upon precise requirements, but it's possible
The simplest way is simply to have several separate installs of Pawtucket all running off of the same database
We've working on a site right now where the theme can be changed depending upon what URL is hit. This allows a single install to handle different looks-and-feels.
But the details really matter, so plan first, then build...
Jun 03 2017 21:51
Sounds good. Just one more question. I read Pawtucket2 features but didn't see anything similar to "having favorites". Is there anything like that?