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Jun 2017
Karl Becker
Jun 15 2017 10:01
@collectiveaccess yes it is ignored… Another problem I encountered today when I tried to get this sorting done is that after I cloned the master branch of the github repo and added my theme I can’t access any detail views, browsing works fine though.
Jun 15 2017 11:09
@kbecker87 What is the error on the detail views?
Karl Becker
Jun 15 2017 12:20
@collectiveaccess when I click on an object chrome gets an HTTP ERROR 500 while Safari changes to a blank page. Deatil Views are working with an older Pawtucket2 Version. The file pawtucket2/app/version.php of the working version reads CA Version 1.6 CollectiveAccess_Schema_Rev 125
Jun 15 2017 13:33
If it's a 500 error there should be an error logged. Probably in the web server error log?
Also, can you switch to the "develop" branch? This is the soon-to-be-v1.7.4 and includes all existing bug fixes.
Jun 15 2017 13:45
Pawtucket2 - displaying related objects on entity page, restricted by relationship type: In the old version of Pawtucket, an entity detail page would display related objects respecting the object's entity facet "restrict_to_relationship_types" in browse.conf. In Pawtucket2, using default theme, I'm able to accomplish this when there is only one matching item by adding a "restrictToRelationshipTypes" variable in ln. 28 of ca_entities_default.html. When there are two or more matches, I can't figure out how to apply the same relationship restriction to the scrolling browse container around ln. 74. The wiki describes a method for limiting search results by rel type (, but I'm not understanding how/if that applies in a caNavUrl call.
See for an example. On this page, the entity is a "creator" of "Orpheus" and that is the only work we'd like publicly displayed. The entity holds a different relationship to "Ziegenbock."
Jun 15 2017 21:25
@gjerdery It pulls the related objects using a search on entity_id
If you change that search to include the relationship types you want it will limit it
Eg ca_entities.entity_id/reltype1,reltype2:^entity_id
Not pretty but it'll work
Jun 15 2017 22:53
I just had an weird error while looking at the user access roles section in Pawtucket. The statuses read "not accessible to the public" / "restricted public access" / "tillgänglig för allmänheten"
Due to the power of Google translate, the last option is "available to the public" in Swedish
I guess I have an incorrect localization setting some where in the code. However, it did make me smile.