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Jun 2017
Jun 19 2017 01:07
@collectiveaccess tried all 5.6 ,7.0 and 7.1 on windows and Ubuntu
Jun 19 2017 16:00
@collectiveaccess Still not having any luck limiting by relationship type from the entity detail page. One interesting note... the syntax you provided works great from the multisearch box, so the "/reltype" is interpreted correctly in this string: '/search/index.php/MultiSearch/Index/block/objects/search/ca_entities.entity_id%2Fcreator%3A8'. However, from the entity detail page, the similar string in the jquery script doesn't return results: "/search/index.php/Search/objects/search/ca_entities.entity_id/creator:8".
Also, I would empty app/tmp between each new attempt - so no cached results were hiding out.