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Jun 2017
Jun 28 2017 09:46

We need some help in creating access points in collective access. We create an access point to search on four different kind of label fields, however the search results are much more than it should return.
We defined the following access point:

_access_points = {
    multi_label_search = {
        fields = [, ca_objects.marc210a, ca_objects.marc242a, ca_objects.marc246],
        options = {DONT_TOKENIZE },
        name = _(multi_label_search)

Perhaps our access point is not correct, any clue what is going wrong? It seems we are missing something, could that be what is described in the following text in search_index.conf file? If we need to add something additional based on this text, can you give an example based on our access point?

Note that all fields included in an access point must be included in the search index - they must appear in the "fields" list in other words. All indexed fields automatically

have access points created in the format tablename.fieldname (ex. objects.title); indexed metadata also have access points in the format tablename.md_<element_id> (ex. objects.md_5)


When creating an access point you define an access point configuration associative list, then create a key for each access point.


Jun 28 2017 12:02
Are you expecting these fields to be combined using AND or OR?
Jun 28 2017 21:02
@collectiveaccess It should be OR.