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Jul 2017
Kehan Harman
Jul 18 2017 08:18
@collectiveaccess I managed to solve it using PHP ( but using templates would be nice (TM).
Also @collectiveaccess you might be interested in a ticket I created in Jira:
Jul 18 2017 14:53
I'm trying to configure the preferred_labels bundle on our CollectiveAccess system so that forenames, middlenames, and surnames only appear on records for individual entities, not for organizational entities. I'm following the Cookbook documentation and it states: "This can also be set through the graphical user interface via the Entity Class setting on the records of the entity_types list items (Manage > Lists & vocabularies > entity_types > Individuals". I don't see any setting for Entity Class on either the "Individuals" or "Organizations" list items. Can this be set through the GUI, or do I have to edit the installation profile and reinstall?
Jul 18 2017 20:07
@blackadder78 -- yes, you can do this through the UI. Look for "List item settings" on the entity types record.
Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 4.07.40 PM.png
What version are you running?
Jul 18 2017 21:35
Now Pawtucket won't load - the specific error is : Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 90 seconds exceeded in /usr/home/boxeldermuseum/public_html/ on line 412 -- this began happening a couple days after updating to the newest code. I think our php limit may be at our host's limit. (While we've been gradually increasing what's in our database, it seems weird that an update seemingly caused this - is there a fix?)