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Aug 2017
Aug 07 2017 09:55

Hi I have a problem with the media representation image size on Object summary page Prov 1.7.5. Editing the ca_objects_summary.php to "small" does not seem to change anything.
$va_reps = $t_item->getRepresentations(array("thumbnail", "small"));

foreach($va_reps as $va_rep) {
    if(sizeof($va_reps) > 1){
        # --- more than one rep show thumbnails
        $vn_padding_top = ((120 - $va_rep["info"]["small"]["HEIGHT"])/2) + 5;
        print $va_rep['tags']['thumbnail']."\n";
        # --- one rep - show medium rep
        print $va_rep['tags']['small']."\n";

Using the Firefox inspect element function shows the following when clicking on the image.
<img src="" width="278" height="400">
Seems stuck on "medium".
Please let me know if I am doing something wrong thanks.