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Aug 2017
Kehan Harman
Aug 23 2017 02:00
Is it possible to configure a default browse facet of 'Is not deaccessioned?' or something similar. Basically we only want to find deaccessioned objects if we're actively looking for them. I know there's deaccession_force_access_private in app.conf, but that doesn't work within Providence, only within Pawtucket.
Aug 23 2017 03:50
Aug 23 2017 10:58
Hi everybody,
we have fields with several lists defined as vocabulary terms. Is there one possibility to restrict the search-field below on the defined list of that field? Atm the searching field is showing all results of every field which is defined als vocabulary term. I am trying all options at the user interface on the info button but nothing works. Thanks a lot for the help.
Aug 23 2017 11:32
Bildschirmfoto 2017-08-23 um 12.24.35.png
Aug 23 2017 15:53
deaccession_facet = {
type = field,
field = is_deaccessioned,
restrict_to_types = [],
        group_mode = none,

        #single_value = 1,

        label_singular = _("deaccessioned"),
        label_plural = _("deaccessioned")
you can use single_value
@ca-ubos - yes, the setting is: <setting name="restrict_to_lists">your_list</setting>
Aug 23 2017 20:11
@juliaweist Thanks! Do we have to use this by changing our installation profile as suggested here or is there an option in the UI Editor to restict each field of related vocabulary terms to a specific list?