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Sep 2017
Kehan Harman
Sep 14 2017 02:33
@kbecker87 make sure you're not using the (now deprecated) php APC module - I got all sorts of strange results similar to yours when it was inadvertently enabled. I belive a reliable replacement for it is xcache.
Kehan Harman
Sep 14 2017 02:57
@collectiveaccess - we're going to attempt to make it possible to have lists attributes which only have certain values in them that apply to certain record types - for example an insect specimen would have a preparationType of pinned whereas this wouldn't apply to a plant specimen (which would have herbarium sheet). I know it's possible to have two separate attributes with two separate lists, but that then leads to greater complexity (two separate search form placements, display placements etc). I've got a few questions:
  • does this sound sensible?
  • where would you suggest doing this? I was thinking of adding a type restriction setting to the ca_list_items. This would likely require a new table ca_list_item_type_restrictions.
  • should this be enabled by default or should there be a config item defining whether it's enabled. Should this be on a list by list basis? eg enable_type_restrictions_for_lists = [preparationType, samplingProtocol]
Karl Becker
Sep 14 2017 13:35
@kehh Thanks! After Seth fixed PROV-2212 (collectiveaccess/providence@ca185b8) we did not get any error. Instead, we managed to import 1 of 500 media files, so it’s working for us, but only partially. I’m guessing it’s some mistake we’re making though.
Sep 14 2017 14:05

Hi! I’ve got a question about browsing in Pawtucket2: I defined browsing terms in the pawtucket browse.conf like this:

schlagworte = {
    type = authority,
    table = ca_list_items,
    relationship_table = ca_objects_x_vocabulary_terms,
    restrict_to_relationship_types = [schlagwort],
    group_mode = hierarchical,
    show_hierarchy = 1,
    hierarchical_delimiter =  ⬅ ,
    label_singular = _("Schlagwort"),
    label_plural = _("Schlagworte")

Say I got this hierarchy of vocabulary terms: Nature → Animals → Crab.

If I add Crab as a related vocabulary term (relationship type: schlagwort) to an object, I see the parent „Nature“ when browsing in Pawtucket. When I klick on „Nature“ (respectively the small arrow besides it) though, nothing happens - the next screens stay blank.

But when I add „Animals“ to any object (another one or the same, doesn’t matter), browsing fully works in Patwuckt: I can click on „Nature“, see „Animals“, click on it and see „Crab“. Why is it that I can’t skip a level of the hierarchy?

Thanks for your help!

Sep 14 2017 17:25
I'm trying to figure out what/if there is a data importer existingRecordPolicy that would replace the existing metadata while leaving the media digital object alone. I've tried merge with replace, but that also gets rid of media.