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Oct 2017
Oct 02 2017 11:27
Hello everyone. Maybe some of you can help me: for now we are only using Providence to create our database, and we need to restrict the access of one user to only a group of objects. I've created a set with all the objects that user (researcher) can see (and not edit), and when he accesses CA there's a search configured so that he can easely access to only that set. The problem is that if he makes a search for any other object he can see it. Is there any way to restrict the access to only one group of objects? Thank you very much in advance!
Oct 02 2017 12:55
@Hyperchema I'm not sure I follow---the elements on that page are in French though? If so you should be able to change their labels this way. Perhaps you could upload a screenshot to clarify.
@rsteinert can you provide more detail? Image uploaded to object representations? What type of image? What version are you running, etc.
@teresaazevedo08 there are many ways to handle access control and the best option depends on the larger workflow of your project (i.e. who else can and can't see what). A few options here: and here:
If you provide more details we can make suggestions.
Oct 02 2017 13:11
Thank you so much for your quick answer. What I specifically want is to make a new user (researcher) able to only have access to the objects related to a specific collection. That is, we have 1500 objects belonguing to "collection X", and this user /login in through providence) should only be able to see those, and not the rest of the objects from our collection.
Oct 02 2017 14:03
It sounds like source level access control would work best, then.
You could correlate Sources to Collections and use the Batch edit tool to set all Objects related to specific Collections to the corresponding source:
Kurt Sussman
Oct 02 2017 22:44
I struggling with a bunch import problems. I have a mapping that gives no errors (or warnings) but only imports two columns from my spreadsheet (out of 17 that are mapped). My first question is where to find a list of the available elements. I also need a list of relationship types so maybe my entityJoiner can connect entities to the objects as they are imported. I'm new to CA, so type slowly and use small words, please. :)