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Nov 2017
Nov 10 2017 12:08
Hello everyone! Maybe someone can help me with this: we are using Providence v. 1.7.5, and have two access types (one for administrators and another to researchers, who can only read a certain number of objects). For them I've created a different objects display, so that the researchers can only see the fields we give them permission to. So, for objects, we have two display types: one for administrators and another with fewer visible fields for researchers. The problem is that I cannot restrict reserachers' access to the administrators' objects display . If I go to Manage - My Displays - Objects - Group Acess - and try to give "has no acess" to researchers, it appears there but does not remain saved. Can anyone please help me with this? Is it a bug from CA, or am I doing something wrong? Thank you very much in advance!