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Nov 2017
Nov 13 2017 12:45
Hi everyone!
Nov 13 2017 16:53
@aronimus CA will work with PHP 5.6 or better. VC9/VC11/VC14 reflects how PHP is compiled on Windows and shouldn't matter specifically for CA. Just make sure you're running Apache, PHP and related extensions all compiled in the same VC* environment.
@naeemmuhammad The user needs to have write access to those fields. You do not have to set the flag directly.
@teresaazevedo08 It's a bug. It's not saving "has no access" entries for groups. We'll look into fixing it soon.
Nov 13 2017 16:59
@teresaazevedo08 The bug tracker ("JIRA") issue for this is
@ca-ubos Try using ^
Nov 13 2017 18:21
@collectiveaccess Great, thanks so much! Is there by any chance also an option to get a different size? It outputs only the "icon" representation URL this way.
Nov 13 2017 18:45
@collectiveaccess Thank you very much! Will be keeping track of this issue.
Nov 13 2017 19:33
@ca-ubos Try ^<version>.url
Eg . ^
Nov 13 2017 19:44
perfect! thank you =)
Nov 13 2017 21:14
@collectiveaccess I gave up on Windows. Appears to be all up and running under Ubuntu. Thanks for you help.