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Nov 2017
Nov 15 2017 22:08
I am trying to convert from SQLSearch to ElasticSearch, and I am getting an error regarding an undeclared static property. Specifically: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Access to undeclared static property: WLPlugSearchEngineElasticSearch::$opa_doc_content_buffer in /var/www/html/testbackup/app/lib/core/Plugins/SearchEngine/ElasticSearch.php:444
I am probably going to post this on the forums later; however, I want to make sure that I got all of the steps correct first.
  1. Install ElasticSearch
  2. Edit app.conf to read "ElasticSearch" instead of "SQLSearch"
  3. Rebuild Search Index
Nov 15 2017 22:11
@sterlingjenson Try using the very latest "develop" branch code on GitHub. It has a fix for this.
Nov 15 2017 22:23