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Nov 2017
Nov 18 2017 00:13
Is there a way to put a NOT bool in pawtucket2 advanced search fields?
Nov 18 2017 02:04
@ca-ubos Where are you displaying the values in Pawtucket and with what means? The code for handling dimensions is the same in both Providence and Pawtucket
@sshipley64 Not at the moment. Make a JIRA for it if you want it, please.
Nov 18 2017 22:03
@collectiveaccess I want them to be displayed in the ca_objects_default_html.php and I do call them with the display template ^ca_objects.measure.breite1. We have a metadata element, a container, which is called "measure" in which there are "breite1" and "laenge1" for width respective length.