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Dec 2017
Dec 07 2017 00:42
You should regenerate all of your PDFs to ensure that the page previews are up-to-date for the new viewer
You can do this using the command line caUtils utility in support/bin
The command (assuming you're running it from support/) is:
bin/caUtils reprocess-media --mimetypes=application/pdf
(This will only reprocess PDFs of course. You can add other mime types for other documents – Microsoft Office for example – if need be)
@sshipley64 Looks like we have a character encoding issue. We'll fix it.
@naeemmuhammad You don't need Ghostscript to accept PDF uploads. It is only used to generate preview images.
Dec 07 2017 00:48
You might want to play with these settings in app.conf though:
Try setting them to a non-zero values and see what happens. Zend PDF in particular can sometimes fail to recognize PDFs that are valid.
Dec 07 2017 06:28
@collectiveaccess Reprocessed. There are some messages when reprocessing. I don't know if related to the problem:"gm.exe convert: No IPTC profile available C:\Users\xxx\AppData|Local|Temp\xxx.tem.iptc". After reprocess, tried Mirador shows no preview, just black screen with word "Add item", and Universal Viewer shows "Unable to load TileSource". How to let CA to generate TileSource? Thanks.
Dec 07 2017 11:56
Are there any javascript errors in the browser console?