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Dec 2017
Dec 21 2017 10:44

@mwbenowitz thanks, I changed to str_replace but it still does not change anything. My Code is:

{{{<ifcount code="ca_objects.lcsh_terms" min="1">    
    <H5>Library of Congress Subject Headings</H5>
        <li><unit relativeTo="" delimiter="<li>">^ca_objects.lcsh_terms.text</unit>
        $str = '^';
        $url = str_replace('info:lc', '', $str);
        echo "The URL is ".$url;

and the Output looks like this:

Dec 21 2017 11:58
@sshipley64 I've never seen this one. Make sure there isn't something clearing the contents of the app/tmp directory while people are logged in. Removing tmp files will log all users out.
Dec 21 2017 16:06
No. It doesn't look to be that. It's odd that it seems to be happening only after those particular activities.
Mike Benowitz
Dec 21 2017 17:40
@ca-ubos ah, I see. The ^ notation in the code block doesn't get rendered until after your php executes, so it can't do the match there. You can do that in php by using get $t_object->get() creating the element with that method (you'll probably want to create the entire list in php and echo the resulting string)