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Dec 2017
Dec 22 2017 08:37
@mwbenowitz Thanks! I got it working now, but I can’t figure out how to use it combined with <unit> tags. I’ll look into it after the holidays. Here is my code for anyone interested:
                            $str = $t_object->get('');
                            $name = $t_object->get('ca_objects.lcsh_terms.text');
                            $url = str_replace('info:lc', '', $str);
                            echo "<a href=\"" .$url. "\">" .$name. "</a>";
Mike Benowitz
Dec 22 2017 17:01
@ca-ubos Great, you can loop through the repeating container in PHP as well, through $t_object->get("ca_objects.lcsh_terms", array('returnWithStructure' => true)) which returns a lower-level representation of the container.
Dec 22 2017 17:42
I have a bit more time to work on trying to get elasticsearch running today. I recall in one of the fields in one of the conf files in Providence asks if the version being used is Elasticsearch version 2 or version 5.
I have tried looking in app.conf and search.conf which is the obvious places for it. Does anyone know where this field is? Or have misremembered a detail after a couple weeks away from the problem.