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Jan 2018
Jan 11 2018 18:31
I’m having a problem that seems like it might be a browser compatibility issue, and I’m wondering if anyone else has encountered it or knows of a solution. I’m using Providence 1.7.6. Three of my colleagues are unable to scroll down, whether it’s viewing a record or search results. They’re using Chrome, and when we tested in Internet Explorer they were able to scroll. So it seems browser related. But I also use Chrome, and I am able to scroll, no problem. I double-checked, we’re all using the same version of Chrome and the same Chrome extensions. So I’m having trouble figuring out what is triggering the issue. The only difference I can find is my OS is Windows 10, whereas my colleagues all have Windows 7 or 8 – is it possible the OS has something to do with it? I’m confused.
Jan 11 2018 18:35
Try flushing your browser cache
As in clear all temporary files
The issue is that you have the old CSS stylesheet cached in your browser
and you just updated from a fairly out of date version (~1 year old)
Jan 11 2018 18:40
that did it! thanks.