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Jan 2018
Jan 17 2018 11:15
Hi! Does CA (Pawtucket2) support the HTML <img> alt Attribute? This would be great in terms of Web accessibility…
Jan 17 2018 12:24
For which sort of <img> tag? You can specify alt tags for images in your theme, of course. We don't allow control of the alt tag for images from the database though. It wouldn't be hard to add that if you need it.
Jan 17 2018 22:10
Hello--I am cross-posting from the user forum. I having an issue with PDF and image previews on several different C/A instances that are all running 1.7.5 and none of them completely preview a PDF. Have tested with Imagemagick or Graphicksmagick. Ghostscript, and Libtiff are installed and visible to the C/A. Anyone else experiencing these issues? Thanks!