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Jan 2018
Jan 23 2018 01:16
@naeemmuhammad I had this problem before, solved by increasing max_input_vars in php.ini to 10000 (default 1000). Give it a try?
Jan 23 2018 09:14
@askaandfish thanks for your input, indeed i will do some test with increased value of this variable.
Jan 23 2018 13:07
hi! I just started to play around with CA’s search engine and I lost sight of the woods for the trees – how do you exclude user generated metadata elements form being indexed for search? Say we’ve got a field called "internal_notes" and whats stored in there should not be indexed – how’d you do that? I deleted _metadata = { }, from the ca_entities tab in search_indexing.conf – this made all field unavailable for search after rebuilding the index with ca_Utils. I tried adding lifespan = { STORE }, to be able to search for lifedates, this didn’t work. So is there an option to exclude fields from being indexed? If not, how do I add custom metadata elements to the indexing? Thanks!