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Jan 2018
Jan 26 2018 22:39
I am trying to import data to update valuations of object. I keep getting this error:
(2018-01-26 17:34:27) [2017.70.10] Failed to add value for valuation; values were valuation_types = purchase_price; value_price = 250; appraiser = 120; _related_related = ; valuation_date = 11/10/17; locale_id = 1: Entity id 120 is not valid for element appraiser
This is an existing entity and was part of the original data import when we started at 1.7.1, we are now at 1.7.5. If I change the map to skip the entity row, I don't get an error.
what does 'locale_id = 1: Entity id 120 is not valid for element appraiser' mean?
Matías Butelman
Jan 26 2018 22:58
Hi everybody. I'm installing Providence for managing a private collection. The collection includes books, efemera and serial. I thought one of the installation profiles in the configurarition library could work but I can't find enough details in their description. Would you suggest any of those available as a good choice for the object types I mentioned? Thanks in advance