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Jan 2018
Jan 30 2018 01:08
@collectiveaccess Yes for both IE and chrome. Sorry there is no other browser to test with here....
Jan 30 2018 11:02
@collectiveaccess I am mapping an existing entity who is responsible in this case for taking measurements. 120 is entity_id, the idno is set up as 'firstname, lastname' for individuals. This is the Enitity splitter I was using in 1.7.1:
""entityType"": ""entity""
This format has worked fine for relating valuations, dimensions, and condition reports to an object in 1.7.1. It does not work in 1.7.5. If I run the import and with this row set to SKIP, the import dry runs without error.
Jan 30 2018 11:19
FYI Gitter added the extra quotes on the splitter