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Feb 2018
Feb 06 2018 12:00
Hi! Has anyone tried to implement a "jump to record X" kind of thing in Pawtucket2’s browsing? Without any facet you’d always start with object number 1 and have to scroll down – I think it would be nice to have the option to jump to objetc X and scroll down from there. Do you think this is possible? I guess I’d have to start digging around in the jquery code for the automatic reloading of objects in browse_results_html.php? Thanks!
Feb 06 2018 14:32
@askaandfish, the main difference between server and desktop versions of Ubuntu is the GUI is preinstalled with the desktop
Feb 06 2018 16:46
@askaandfish I have successfully installed Providence on both a desktop version of Ubuntu and the server version. The process was fairly similar