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Feb 2018
Feb 11 2018 19:10
HI! Im trying to import metadata from images using ExifTool ( runing on a ubuntu system). But when i run the import i get :smile: Errors during import:
(2018-02-11 20:04:21) Could not read source /var/www/html/providence17/import/mia/unnamed.jpg (format=EXIF).
A normal image import works fine an i get all the metadata in the image file description. But i cant map it using the excel template. Any ide what i am doing wrong?
Feb 11 2018 19:15
Rule type Source CA table.element Group Options Refinery Refinery parameters
Mapping IFD0/ImageDescription
Mapping filepath ca_object_representations objectRepresentationSplitter "{
""objectRepresentationType"": ""front"",
""attributes"": {
""media"": ""^filepath""
Setting name    Setting value
Setting name Fotoimport
Setting code 123
Setting inputFormats EXIF
Setting table ca_objects
Setting type Image
Setting numInitialRowsToSkip 0
Setting existingRecordPolicy none
Setting errorPolicy ignore
Setting archiveMapping yes
Setting archiveDataSets yes
Setting basePath #XML tree#
Setting locale DEFAULT
The content of the XML file
Feb 11 2018 21:46
Tested it on a windows machine and get the same error message:Errors during import:
(2018-02-11 22:37:34) Could not read source H:/xampp/htdocs/providance17/import/mia/unnamed.jpg (format=EXIF)
Feb 11 2018 23:07
Please, I've had this problem for several days, I've exhausted all the suggestions that I found in the collectiveaccess forum and I did not solve it. My installation of Pawtucket 1.75 returns the message " Fatal error: Cannot declare class Error, because the name is already in use in /var/www/html/pawtucket/app/lib/core/Error.php on line 46 ", help for the solution pls, tks