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Feb 2018
Feb 15 2018 01:05
@sshipley64 Well I have the Windows Server ISO on my laptop ready to install. That's as far as I have gotten so far. Sorry. I can only work so many hours per day. I'll try to get to it in the next few days.
Feb 15 2018 21:48

Hi, (Providence 1.7.6 Develop)
I added the following to my browse config.
accession_facet = {
type = fieldList
field = item_status_id,

        group_mode = none,

        indefinite_article = an,
        label_singular = _("accession status"),
        label_plural = _("accession statuses")

I am using the default metadata element on my object editor screen which allows selecting the object's Accession Status
i.e accessioned, de-accessioned, loan, non-accessioned, pending accession, pending de-accession (mine) and potential acquisition. This is the same list that appears in Lists and Vocabularies under Object status values.

I have an xls data source which includes an accession status column which contains several of the status terms but when I import this data only the "loan" status is imported, other status values are ignored. My import mapping is attached for reference. All other columns are imported correctly. Any advice on fixing this problem would be much appreciated.
Rule type Source CA table.element Group Options Refinery Refinery parameters
Mapping 1 ca_objects.sub_matter "{
""skipifEmpty"": 1
Mapping 2 ca_objects.preferred_labels {"skipifEmpty": 1} "{
""attributes"": {
""notes"": ""^14""
Mapping 3 ca_entities {"skipifEmpty": 1} entityJoiner "{
""relationshipType"": ""^4"",
""entityType"": ""^5"",
""prefix"": ""^6"",
""surname"": ""^3"",
""forename"": ""^7"",
""middlename"": ""^8"",
""other_forenames"": ""^9"",
""suffix"": ""^10"",
""displayname"": ""^16""
Mapping 11 ca_objects.dewey_number {"skipifEmpty": 1}
Mapping 12 ca_objects.idno {"skipifEmpty": 1}
Mapping 13 ca_objects.item_status_id {"skipifEmpty": 1}
Mapping 14 ca_notes {"skipifEmpty": 1}
Mapping 15 ca_collections {"skipifEmpty": 1} collectionSplitter { "relationshipType": "part_of", "collectionType": "^15"}