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Mar 2018
Mar 08 2018 20:41
Ihave done a bit more digging into label printing and tried using the Avery 8164. When trying to read the PDF download I get the error message 'PDF document is damaged" I checked the apache error log and found this message-
[Wed Mar 07 00:04:04.398762 2018] [:error] [pid 2058] [client] PHP Warning: Declaration of & Barcode_code128::draw($text, $imgtype = 'png') should be compatible with & Barcode::draw($text, $dest_file, $type = 'int25', $imgtype = 'png', $height = 60) in /var/www/html/providence-1.7.6/app/lib/core/Print/Barcode/code128.php on line 0, referer:
The Avery 8617 works ok but of course does not include a barcode output
My configuration output confirms that GD is available for barcode output.
Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.
Thanks Eric.