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Mar 2018
Mar 12 2018 14:02

We have some problems with bots/crawlers overusing the search-function and pushing the server so hard it doesn't have time to service real people.
Anyone else had this problem and have any tips on how to deal with it?

The server runs a 8 core Xeon but atleast 3-4 of the cores are constantly at 100% because of bots.

Since the bots seem keen on using the search-function I wonder if we can free up resources by setting up Elastic for search, if that is more efficient than the default?

Mar 12 2018 15:08
@TBthegr81 You could. Or maybe we can add something to figure out when a bot is abusing the search and cut them off
@eriwm Can you send me a PDF that won't open? The actual file
@naeemmuhammad public_access_settings should do it. If it's not either you're not setting valid codes or something is wrong in the code. It's hard to mess up the codes, so perhaps something is broken.
Mar 12 2018 15:14
@ca-ubos Where are you trying to do this?