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Mar 2018
Mar 30 2018 14:20
@ca-ubos set_item_description is usually part of ca_set_items (the record recording the presence of the object in a specific set); it's used when you want to have content for an object specific to it's position in a set
so try ca_set_items.set_item_description
and make sure it's not in a unit relative to anything. You want it relative to the ca_set_items instance
@rdobson1 I haven't heard of this one, but it does sound like a bug. Where exactly are these links showing?
@kehh No, but what's a "generic" bundle really?
The idea is that you should use the bundle that best corresponds to the information you're intending to display, and then customize it as needed. If that customization ends up making it largely about something else, I agree it's inelegant but it'll still work.
We could easily add a generic "template carrier" bundle though. It would at least signal to someone looking at the configuration that a display bundle is broad and not really focussed on any one thing