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May 2018
May 08 2018 07:35
Hi, I am a CA user using Windows Server, I would like to use gmagick for image upload, how to build gmagick in Windows?
May 08 2018 07:40

Hi! We recently updated to 1.7.6 and we’re facing a problem that might seem minor but it affects the way we work with CA…: In an Object Browse the relationship type name of related entities is not shown after the Update in the researcher display. We changed the display format of related entities in the display editor to:

<li><l>^ca_entities.preferred_labels.displayname (^relationship_typename)</l>

With this the relationship typenames are shown. Unfortunately for some objects (it’s enough to be noticeable) the relationship_typename of all related entities is the wrong one and its always the same relationship type, one that is defined as an object_representation_x_entities relationship type in our configuration. There is no such relationship assigned in our database. Is this a known bug or are we doing something wrong? Thanks for any help!