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May 2018
May 14 2018 07:07
@collectiveaccess like this: EABA6BB2-1586-4D76-BB31-5EFD76155D9D.png
May 14 2018 11:02
@collectiveaccess Updating a Providence to latest version, goto run Database update. But it takes too much time, I get timeout from the webserver.
Probably cuse the DB is so big and the Update-query takes time to finish...
Is there any way to run the DB-update in the terminal instead of the browser, or should I just set a really high timeout on the webserver and hope it finishes?
May 14 2018 14:20
Ok, I set timeout on PHP and Nginx to 600 seconds and now it didn't timeout, though I got the fancy error:
ERROR --> DatabaseException: The table 'ca_sql_search_word_index' is full
Checking the table it has 19408400 rows and I guess thats the cap in MySQL for a table?
Could I empty out that table and restart the indexing without any problems?
May 14 2018 20:29
We have Providence 1.7.6. I am trying to search all Objects where the idno starts with P. I'm searching "ca_objects.idno:P*" but it's returning all kinds of things with idnos that don't start with P, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thanks!