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Jun 2018
Jun 01 2018 07:52
@collectiveaccess Every morning now a pawtucket have so much stuff in it's tmp folder that it crashes (Se what I wrote a few days ago), any idea what could cause this?
Checking the folder it seems like all the data is in caextCache but what that data is I can't tell
Kehan Harman
Jun 01 2018 07:54
@TBthegr81 try switching the cache engine to redis - install redis php extension, redis and configure in setup.php.
Jun 01 2018 09:52
So, install php-redis, edit setup.php with define('CA_CACHE_BACKEND', 'redis'); and that should be about it?
Jun 01 2018 10:01
Did that, got: PHP Warning: Redis::connect(): connect() failed: Connection refused
Do I need to configure redis somewhere?
Jun 01 2018 11:11
@TBthegr81 You'll need to install the redis service as well
The current develop back-end code has more caching options, including sqlite. The file cache is prone to performance problems when too many files accrue
We'll be adding the new cache options to Pawtucket soon
Jun 01 2018 12:39
Ok I follows digitaloceans guide and installed Redis from source, and tried to set the value in setup.php. Seems to work. Then I will be happy if the sites don't go down from massive amounts of tmp-files!
Only time will tell
Jun 01 2018 13:32
They won't... redis works well. The only issue you're likely to see with redis is that every so often it might crash and need a restart
you can also run memcached if you like
who knew caching could be so exciting?
Tim Duckworth
Jun 01 2018 18:58
We are setting this one up in the next few weeks using the cloud hosted option until we can purchase the needed hardware and licensing to host locally. Down the road we would like to move our data to a locally hosted setup. Is this possible/practical?