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Jun 2018
Jun 05 2018 14:01

Ok, another day another weird thing I don't get.
On one out of three providence instances ya can't preview the media uploaded to an object, and if you choose to download it ya get a corrupted file that won't open.
If I try to download the same image via Pawtucket works fine, display it too.

Both pawtucket and providences media-folder is symlink to the same place, so it's not an issue with file-access.

@EdgarCayceARE_gitlab As long as ya can get a dump of the database and at the very least the media-folder (But preferably the whole providence folder) ya can move an CA instance between servers.
Jun 05 2018 15:29
We are using the Dublin Core extension on CA Providence and have found the Library of Congress Subject Headings field and drop-down menus incredibly helpful for our digitization project. However, when entering terms no menu selection is becoming available and indeed it no longer seems to have functionality for us. Seems as though something may be amiss with the extension. Thanks for any help you can provide!
Tim Duckworth
Jun 05 2018 16:30
@TBthegr81 Thank you!
Jun 05 2018 18:10
@TBthegr81 Make sure the back-end is pointing to the correct media directory. I know you said the symlinks are going to the same place, but what you describe implies they may not be