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Jun 2018
Jun 06 2018 01:20
I am trying to run the CollectiveAccess install with the default profile, but it times out everytime. All tables gets created, but then it times out. Is this a known issue ?
I have all required extensions available in PHP
Kehan Harman
Jun 06 2018 01:26
What is the timeout you're getting @runengine? Have you tried installing it via the CLI? (caUtils install ...) . Also your PHP max_execution_time might be being exceeded?
Jun 06 2018 10:26
I have not tried installing it using CLI.. I simply uploaded all the files and browser to /install
max_execution_time is at 720. Trying it 1000 now. Is this normal that it takes this long ? Also, no error, just timeout, then redirect to trying again, but it sees the tables have been created so gives me the "already installed" screen