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Jun 2018
Kehan Harman
Jun 08 2018 03:03
@runengine the error might be being reported in app/log/ or in your PHP / apache error logs. Have you set anything in your setup.php that might be different? Maybe a locale that doesn't exist in the profile? Do you have the default configuration or have you overridden anything (configuration stored in app/conf/ and can be overridden in a local directory (by default app/conf/local but the path for the config directory can be set in setup.php.
Jun 08 2018 20:27
i am trying to get CA running on a local MAMP this right for the symbolic link between providence and pawtucket (where pawtucket is a subdirectory within providence)? mklink /D c:\MAMP\htdocs\pawtucket\media c:\MAMP\htdocs\media
Jun 08 2018 20:40
ha nevermind, i figured it out