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Jun 2018
Jun 13 2018 09:32

I am a bit confused by this.
In pawtucket, editing ca_object_default_html.php adding some more information to be displayed.

{{{<ifdef code="ca_objects.rightType"><H6>Licens</H6>^ca_objects.rightType<br/></ifdef>}}}
Have this to print the licens, but its not displayed?
The ifdef checks out because the H6 and the BR is printed but not the actual data?
Checking providence on the same object I can see that it have data in that field.

Kehan Harman
Jun 13 2018 09:35
@TBthegr81 this might be due to the access level set on the list item referenced by rightType?
or maybe there isn't a preferred label for your item in your current locale.
Jun 13 2018 09:57
I used the service-api and outputted the whole object, there I can see the rightType in my locale, same as pawtucket is configured for, same as other type of information on the same object thats displayed.