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Jun 2018
Kehan Harman
Jun 18 2018 10:16
Is there a way of adding an additional browse criteria in pawtucket (I only want to show entities that have a relationship type of 'artist' - effectively a restrict_to_relationship_types for the whole browse configuration.
Anita Ruijmen
Jun 18 2018 11:04
What is the status on:
CollectiveAccess can output data as formatted PDFs in several contexts:
As formatted letters and documents (eg. deeds of gift, thank you letters, receipts) for an object or lot. [In development]
Can you give me some more information on this please.
Jun 18 2018 11:32
@kehh rightType is a List yes
Jun 18 2018 12:05
@aruijmen See You have to set them up yourself.
@kehh Just add it to browse.conf. You can restrict authority facets to specific types
Jun 18 2018 12:48

When trying to troubleshoot why my license isn't displaying I wanted to compare between our 3 CA DB's, then I notice that the ObjectEditor in one of them crashes.
EntityEditor works fine though.

Looking at the sourcecode it printed some of the HTML but far from everything, and looking into webserver logs I can see an
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getSetting() on null in /var/www/site2/providence/app/lib/core/BaseModelWithAttributes.php:1611

Jun 18 2018 12:58
Woah... Now it just works?
No fatal errors or anything... Nevermind then...
Kehan Harman
Jun 18 2018 13:54
@collectiveaccess this is a facet on entities - its limiting all exposed entities to be ones tga
... that are entities.
Jun 18 2018 15:58
Does C/A work with two factor authentication—If yes, is there documentation?
Jun 18 2018 18:59
@bowbot_twitter Not currently.