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Jun 2018
Karl Becker
Jun 26 2018 19:40
Hi all, I was wondering if its possible to batch-export all media of a CA installation automnatically either by mapping of using caUtils? I’ve looked into caUtils but couldn’t find anything that exports media. This would be helpful if one would have to sync to installations not only in terms of metadata but also to keep the images in sync. thanks for your help 😊
Jun 26 2018 21:22
@karbecker No this is not possible currently.
Make a JIRA for it an describe how you think it should work, and we'll consider implementing it
@gautiermichelin It has been possible to scrape tilepics since they were first spec'ed back ~2000
I remember seeing some Delphi(!) code to do that.
If you want watermarking for tilepics we can add that