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Jul 2018
Jul 09 2018 13:23
@caretaker59 As you've probably noticed the software passwords is not the same as the database password. You can always reset the password if necessary via caUtils
Jul 09 2018 18:01
I have accession numbers with periods in them. Using the basic search, the periods bust the search. I can remove the periods and replace them with spaces to search, which works but isn't ideal. How can i modify the search so it allows periods?
E.g., BC 2001.10.01 will return nothing, but BC 2001 10 01 finds the object
My user would like to be able to search the first format
Jul 09 2018 19:21
I'm having an issue (using SqlSearch) where browsing for type image (over 100,000 records) in providence is quite quick, but doing so in pawtucket takes so long as to be non-functional. It's not maxing the CPU or memory on the server either.