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Jul 2018
Jul 10 2018 10:49
Ok so, I have a field I wanna print in the Obeject Details page in Pawtucket, I put the value in a ifdef with a styletag. The ifdef returns true but no value is displayed, the name of the value i correct, double checked that.
It's "rightType", a dropdown select list with types of copyrights with some custom options inserted.
Where can I check if a value is "allowed" to be outputted to pawtucket?
Since that feels like the only possible problem?
Jul 10 2018 18:34
@TBthegr81 make sure that the list items contained in the list are set to "accessible to public"
@sheggen have you adjusted the search indexing configuration? Typically the periods search should be supported if the identifier is indexed as idno. You can check this in search_indexing.conf and also adjust the as_is regex in search.conf.