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Jul 2018
Jul 12 2018 09:04

@juliaweist Indeed they where set to Not accessible to public...

Next problem: I wanna find if an entity ID is already existing via the ServiceAPI
I do a find/ca_entities/? and it doesn't find it, it seems the function only looks in display_label and not idno

Jul 12 2018 13:20

Also, when creating new objects in one of the DBs they are not searchable afterwards. But if I run the caUtils rebuild-search-index it works for all the old things but not for stuff we create afterwards.
I think this might be because the ca_sql_search_word_index gets too big and MySQL don't wanna let me store more in that table, it gets to about 22 million rows and the whole search-reindex takes 5.5 hours to complete.

Do I need to swap from SQLSearch to something else, probably ElasticSearch for this to work like it should?
Or should I try to enable bigger tables in MySQL?

Jul 12 2018 13:27

Hmm, though I look at the other DB and that haz 35 million rows in the same table, so that doesn't seem to be a factor.

I have looked around in the config-files for options around search indexing but could only find
disable_out_of_process_search_indexing = 0
That is set to 0 on all our DBs.

Jul 12 2018 13:50
Seems to work if I set it to 1 on all DBs.
Jul 12 2018 20:04
@collectiveaccess I'm running 1.7.6 on windows server with IIS and Providence isn't recognizing PDFs as pdfs but instead listing the format as "Binary File" even though it still shows the file extension as .pdf. Problematic since I then can't link directly to PDFs on my detail pages. Any reason this might be happening?
Jul 12 2018 20:40
Is it possible to turn on the AAT webhook after installation? I see instructions for including it as a service in the profile, but nothing for an existing installation. Is it possible?
Tim Duckworth
Jul 12 2018 21:02
When I am in a collection and click on a picture to view large, clicking the zoom + or - causes the image to disappear and I then have to refresh the page, clicking a location on the zoom scroll seems to work fine, anyone else experience this?