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Jul 2018
Jul 13 2018 16:07
In an import mapping, can you replace a value with a line break (e.g., \n, <br />, ...) using original and replacement values?
Jul 13 2018 18:13
@sheggen I'd use applyRegularExpressions and then the option convertNewlinesToHTML (make sure the target field is rich text)
Also yes, for AAT you can create a metadata element of datatype information service
Jul 13 2018 22:29
@sshipley64 A related issue perhaps-- in providence browsing/searching for a collection with 25000 object results comes up almost instantly. In pawtucket (on the same server), it takes a full five minutes. Using show processlist in mysql shows it's constantly running "SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT ca_attributes.row_id, ca_attributes.table_num) as _count" Is pawtucket not able to handle this many records or is there something amiss with my system configuration?