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Jul 2018
Jul 25 2018 08:11
Jul 25 2018 08:53
now errors here too:
same under "Related storage locations"
Jul 25 2018 12:57
@collectiveaccess Found a bug.
After have done a search I tried creating a set. The set gets created but with errors.
Checking the logfile it complains that the column "rank" can't be null in table ca_sets, and I assume the endpoint /index.php/find/SearchObjectsAdvanced/createSetFromResult doesn't set a value for that.
Jul 25 2018 13:53
@TBthegr81 try adding the rank field to the set UI. Do you still get the error?
Jul 25 2018 14:28
So... Administration->User Interfaces->set_cataloguers_ui and add "rank" to both sub-items..
Reloaded the search-page, tried saving a set, same error
Jul 25 2018 17:53
I've turned on movement-based location tracking, which appears to be working as expected. However, the quickadd popup for creating a new Movement is failing. It says "Processing form" but never finishes, just spins forever. Apache logs return PHP Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: range out of order in character class at offset 8 in /var/www/html/providence/app/lib/core/Plugins/SearchEngine/SqlSearch.php on line 2104. Any ideas what is causing the issue?
Likely related: The Browse UI for Movements shows nothing (like there are no records). The Basic Search finds them though (including ones that didn't seem to go in from the above problem)