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Aug 2018
Aug 31 2018 13:22

Ok there is something I dont get with locales here.
I have the Swedish Locale, and its loaded.
I know what file is loaded becuase of I delete or move that .mo file it says its having problem loading the locale.

Then I have a view-file in my theme with a _t(), if I change that to some msgid thats already existing, it takes the swedish translation for that key.

Then I downloaded poedit, downloaded my .po file, added a translation that wasnt there before, compiled it to a new .mo file, checked that the filesize had changed, uploaded the .mo file. And wanted to display this new translation in my view, but it doesnt find it. It falls back to showing the key-name in English.

Is there a step I am missing here??

Aug 31 2018 14:00
Found it... The translation was cached in Pawtuckets /tmp/ folder, cleaned up in there and it loaded just fine