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Sep 2018
Kehan Harman
Sep 04 2018 02:22
@bzotivla can you ensure that the records that you want to expose have their access field set to publicly available? Pawtucket restricts the data according to the access field. You can confirm if this is the the cause by changing the settings listed here: but please remember to switch them back so that you don't expose any data that is actually resticted.
Sep 04 2018 11:13
Is it possible to setup 1 backend Providence with 2 different frontend Pawtuckets, and each Pawtucket lists and have access to a subset of the content in the Providence?
Could you add som limit in the Pawtucket-config files for what type of objects that gets displayed and if they are filtered by some kind of tag or something?
Sep 04 2018 11:33
@kehh I changed a value and it works now. Thank you so much!
Sep 04 2018 12:45

Also having problems with email sending.
I have access to a SMTP server on another host and I have tested the connection by sending an email via telnet.
Same hostname/port is written in every setup.php (Pro/Paw) but no mails are ever sent.

Is there some PHP Email plugin I should install?

Sep 04 2018 13:57

Have tracked the problem down to Zend/Mail.php where it chooses the method for Mail delivery. Its suppose to use their smtp transport ('Zend/Mail/Transport/Smtp.php') but it defaults to the class 'Zend/Mail/Transport/Sendmail.php'.

... And there we go, in global.conf there was a setting "smtp_use_sendmail_transport" that made Mail.php pick Sendmail instead, thuse disabling the SMTP settings.
Put that to a 0 and password-reset mail got sent.